Safety Workwear: Is It Necessary?

When it comes to particular jobs, the workwear selected must take into consideration our safety. Many times the clothes we wear in these dangerous professions must adhere to the various health and safety laws put in place by the government. The clothes may include timberland pro boots, safety boots, leather gloves, waterproof clothing and the like from top brands such as Wenaas, portwest, cofra. The fact that it is now lawful to use these clothes in the work place has given rise to an industry that thrives on ensuring that these clothes are made to the requirements of the law. There are those, however, who would argue that there is no need for these clothes.

Is Safety Workwear Necessary?

This is a valid question and the simple answer is yes. Prior to the introduction of safety boots, high visibility clothing, waterproof clothing and other such workwear, the incidents and accidents that took place in these dangerous professions caused permanent maiming of the body or death. At that time, the companies were focused more on maximizing profits while the safety of their employees took a back seat. Today things have changed. The safety of employees has been highly emphasized making the work environment safer for the employee. The safety clothing worn by the various employees has reduced the reported incidences of accidents and death at the workplace.

An Example of Safety Boots

Safety boots are required clothing in construction sites today. In the past, we went to construction sites where we came into contact with heavy timber, lethal machinery, nails, concrete and bricks without much protection. Without the Jallatte boots as part of workwear, many instances of crushed toes, nails penetrating feet and the like were reported quite often. Today, even when an accident does happen, it is not as severe as in the past. Construction is a job that must be done in all kinds of weather. In wet weather waterproof clothing is ideal for ensuring that the workers do not have to work while wet and cold.

Other Benefits of Safety Workwear

Other than the benefits you can easily see, there are other things that you may not consider. The fact that your regular work clothes do not get damaged when working with chemicals in the lab, or that motorists can see you and avoid causing an accident when you are wearing your high visibility workwear. These and other benefits of safety boots, waterproof clothing and other safety wear are the reasons why it is so essential to have them on.