Different Underwater Services

Underwater services mean operating below the surface of the water or underneath water. Some activities or services that can be done underwater include diving, salvaging, rock removal, wire cutting, underwater searches, navigation, concrete, among others.

The following article explains some of the services or activities that can be done underwater.

Diving is one of the most famous underwater services. The majority of people use it as a sport and hobby while others as a career. Diving is recognized as a sport by the world’s athletic body and is highly paid. It involves falling or jumping into the water with your head and arms going in first. It is enjoyable, but it requires skill as it can be dangerous if not well done.

This is the act of rescuing something like a ship, cargo, or any other item sinking in water. The most popular types of salvage are marine salvage and water salvage. Water salvage involves rescuing people from drowning, while marine salvage involves saving a ship or cargo from peril.

Rock removal
Rock removal is the extraction or excavation of all types of materials from water especially done using machines. Rock removal is one of the most challenging services done underwater as it involves using heavy machines

Underwater photography
This is the process of using a camera and other photographic devices to take pictures and record videos while underwater. It can be done through diving, swimming, or using remote-controlled vehicles.

Underwater searches
Underwater search is the process carried out to find objects or bodies lost below the water’s surface. Underwater searches are mainly carried out by professional divers, remotely operated underwater cars, cadaver dogs, or crewed submersibles.

Underwater Concrete placement
Concrete is one of the most used building materials in the world. This is mainly because of its durability compared to other materials..80% of the world’s buildings and roads are done using concrete. Underwater concrete can be placed to facilitate roads or bridges, or buildings. Concrete should be well placed to avoid the washing out of the cement.

Hull scrubbing
Hull scrubbing or cleaning removes biological fouling from the water services to protect the ship hull.it is done underwater by trained professionals